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Powel sees cyber security not only as an absolute necessity—but as an important added value service to our customers

We are depending on your trust

We are privileged to host your valuable data, and from years of experience and insight into critical infrastructure businesses, we understand the challenges and needs for highly secure operations. Rest assured that your Powel.net services are carefully designed to fulfil any security, privacy or legal requirements.

5M: Holistic approach

Safe factory

Security as default

Proactive defence

Security follows a complex trail of events

Security is never stronger than the weakest link. That is why our focus is on a holistic security design approach—engineered from end to end—from cloud to user. We utilise a "5M" approach that enables us to provide the best possible continuous security practices:

Management: We make sure we have the right people with the right skills.
Mitigation: We identify and close our gaps on our way.
Measurement: We measure the maturity of our organisation at any time to evolve and adapt.
Maintenance: We review regularly to make sure we have a robust governance approach to security and compliance.
Monitoring: We utilise monitoring tools to gain insight into our security posture.

Our focus areas—your insurance

We make sure our factory is safe

Our primary focus is securing our own boundaries/environment, as well as making sure our data centres for information storage complies with the industry standards of physical security and reliability.

With the ever-increasing use of cloud services, BYOD and the Internet of Things (IoT), the long-standing boundaries that traditionally formed the "hard" exterior of our businesses defensive posture are fast dissolving. This brings whole new ecosystem possibilities, as well as new ways of considering and dealing with security challenges.

Powel—like all progressive businesses—does not operate in a vacuum. That is why securing innovations, code and sensitive information within our physical "factories" is just as important as delivering solutions and services with "security by design."

Powel has conducted extensive independent penetration testing of its digital environment. Our inhouse Security Services (PSS) team proactively mitigates, identifies and contains the possibilities of significant security breaches on our corporate infrastructure—supported by state of the art monitoring capabilities as part of our 5M’s methodology.

Security as default—always

By default, ANY coding process is built on security through defense of attack and reviews according to the following security standards:

1. Defence of threats to avoid attack from outside. Powel.net uses threat modelling to ensure security is built into the service from the very beginning. Modern threat modelling looks at a system from the perspective of a potential attacker—as opposed to a defender's viewpoint.

2. We apply security standards throughout our development process. This includes security in focus for design, build, test and code review in each development iteration.

Security infographics

3. Powel.net encrypts your information, rendering it unreadable to unauthorised personnel, even if they could break through your firewalls, infiltrate your network, or get physical access to your devices. Encryption transforms data so that only someone with the decryption key can access it.

Proactive and live defence systems

Our proactive defenses are made possible by the use of active monitoring tools to authorise privileges:

Access control: To ensure we don’t keep sensitive data about you as well as making sure our access control to the services are flawless, we prefer that you log on with your Microsoft Azure AD credentials. This is the very same login you use with your Microsoft Office 365 account, and it is managed by Microsoft's world class security standards.

Learn more about Azure AD security here:

Learn how to implement best security practices in your organisation using Microsoft Azure Identity Control:

Secure Server operations: By using Microsoft Azure as our platform for services, we lean on one of the most certified security standards in the world.

Microsoft has made significant investments in the security of its platform, which, when combined with high levels of security-intelligence and strategic partnerships, helps keep our cloud-based products and services more secure.

Learn how Microsoft handles security in their cloud platform, Microsoft Azure


We protect all personal data

As your data processor, we continuously and carefully work to comply with the latest international standards and regulations for general data protection (GDPR). As well as making sure your sensitive customer data is processed correctly, we protect and manage any personal data from you or your organisation, making sure it cannot be misused by us or any involved third parties. Learn more about Powel's Privacy Policy here.

Meet with our security champs

While traditional boundaries are quickly disappearing, the threat landscape evolves. In this context, Powel’s security team recognizes the need to be adaptive, creative and responsive to change. We do so by embracing the need for endpoint security, cloud security services and other supporting capabilities.

However, if you have any questions or concerns about Powel.net security, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated security champions. Leave your contact information and we will get in touch shortly.